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Our mission is to empower all individuals to be and feel their true selves, always and fearlessly, while driving and inspiring environmental solutions and sustainable practices.


An arm held by various hands, each with different skin tones, representing the value of inclusivity and inclusion at Lebubè.


Respect is a deep appreciation and understanding for the diverse needs and wants of our customers, as well as for the impact our actions have on the environment and society. It means creating inclusive and accessible formulas to all.


Integrity is the adherence to a strong code of ethics and principles in all aspects of our business. It means being honest and transparent in our communication with customers and stakeholders, and being true to our word.


Innovation is the continuous pursuit of new ideas, techniques, and technologies to improve our skincare powered makeup formulas, our packaging and business practices, while being mindful of our impact on the environment and society.



My name is Mirta, and I’m a 23-year-old woman from a little town in Northern Italy, Crema. I live in London, where I graduated in Publishing from the University of the Arts London.

So why did I decide time has come to found my own company?


As a young woman, I struggled with hormonal acne during my university years. I felt lost and frustrated, trying every product and consulting multiple dermatologists. Their advice was always the same: stop wearing make-up.

But my idea of make-up has never been linked to something causing harm. To me, makeup has always been a form for self-expression, self-care, and creativity. It’s a way to celebrate diversity and inclusion, to show the world that everyone is beautiful in their own way.

That’s why I founded Lebubè.

Portrait of Mirta, co-founder of Lebubè, an Italian Halal, vegan and natural makeup brand of hybrid cosmetics
Four friends smiling while applying Lebubè skincare-infused makeup, specifically a vegan, Halal and natural lip oil and balm

Lebubè is more than just a beauty brand.


It is a sanctuary for everyone with unique struggles and experiences. In a world of 8 billion individuals, we all deserve to understand our bodies better and treat them with compassion. Lebubè is a place where we share knowledge, support, and love – transcending the conventional beauty norms.
Together ith my sister, Vicky, we’ve created powerful hybrid cosmetics inspired by the blend of two worlds – skincare and makeup, entirely made in Italy. We want to give everyone vegan friendly, highly natural and Halal friendly skincare-infused makeup formulas, which not only enhance one’s appearance but also nourish and improve skin's health. We want to take care not only of your look, but also, most importantly, of your wellbeing.

But Lebubè’s mission doesn’t stop here.

We truly believe everyone is part of a whole made of other individuals and the nature surrounding us. Our imperative is to use this business as a way to celebrate and include all individuals, regardless of their ethnicity, age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, body size and ability, as well as to drive environmental solutions and inspire sustainable practices and behaviours.

That’s why Lebubè will always take care not just of you, but also of everyone and Mother Earth.

A forest path, representing Lebubè commitments towards sustainable makeup, with recyclable packaging and upcycled ingredients

Lebubè  fantastic Team

Mirta, co-founder of Lebubè, a made in Italy inclusive, Halal, vegan and natural makeup brand of skincare-infused makeup

Mirta Cerioli


Lebubè Co-founder and Chief Of All Things Creative, Art Direction & Production

Vittoria, co-founder of Lebubè, a made in Italy brand of hybrid cosmetics and natural makeup with a focus on inclusive beauty

Vittoria Cerioli


Lebubè Co-founder and The Brain Behind Our Business Moves

Evelina, graphic designer at Lebubè, an Italian brand of hybrid cosmetics and Halal makeup that is also vegan and natural

Evelina Ionascu


Cosmetic Industry Guru and Wizard of Graphic Design and Marketing

Camilla, editor at Lebubè, a brand of hybrid cosmetics made in Italy and Halal, inclusive vegan and natural makeup

Camilla Vaiani

Star Blogger and Chief of All Things Editorial at Lebublog

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