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Lebubè Loyalty Program

Colour your world with exclusive rewards – join Lebubè Loyalty!



Jump right in

 Sign up and create your Lebubè account for free, and you're in! And to sweeten the deal, enjoy an instant 10% off your next buy.


Points on points

Rack 'em up with every purchase, review, or referral. And the best part? Your points are here to stay, no expiry dates attached, unless you enter a period of inactivity for 1 year.


Reap the rewards

Time to cash in! Use your points to claim promo codes, and get exclusive access to unique rewards offered by our partners.


Create a
Lebubè account

200 points (+ 10% off your next purchase!)

Sign up to
our newsletter

100 points (+ 10% off your next purchase!)


an order

10 points for every €1 spent


a review

 200 points (+ 5% off your next purchase!)

your birthday

 250 points
(and other surprises!)


Claim a Lebubè coupon

1000 points
€3 off

2500 points
€8 off

5000 points
€17 off

7500 points =
€26 off

10,000 points
€35 off

20,000 points
€90 off

...or unlock exclusive rewards from our partners!

Giulia Premi, expert traveler and partner of Lebubè Loyalty Program, looking back at a cliffside view of the sea and islands

15,000/20,000 points = €50/€100 off
Beyond the Usual Vacation
by Giulia Premi & Matteo Badin |

Embark on an adventure with expert travelers Giulia Premi and Matteo Badin along thrilling itineraries off the beaten tourist paths, tested not just for visiting, but for experiencing new incredible destinations.

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Logo of Ramon Hair Salon, partner of Lebubè Loyalty Program: a white scissor in a diamond shape on a black background.

3,000 points = €10 off*

Ramon Hair Salon
by Ramon Cagnani and Clara Virtuani

Located in the heart of Crema (CR), Italy, Ramon and Clara Hair Salon is an oasis of creativity and hair care. Choose from customized cuts, styles, and advanced coloring options such as meches, babylights, and balayage. Take care of your hair with illuminating, nourishing, and restructuring treatments!


*on a minimum spend of €50

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Monday: Closed | Tuesday-Thursday: 9:00am-6:00pm | Wednesday: 2:00pm-9:00pm | Friday-Saturday: 8:30am-5:30pm

Martina Dagnese, a professional makeup artist and partner of the Lebubè Loyalty Program, smiling, hand resting on her head.

1,500 points = €5 off

Makeup Consultation
by Martina Dagnese

The special occasion is just around the corner, but you don't know how to do your makeup? You love makeup, but you still don't know which colors suit you best? Let Martina Dagnese, a professional makeup artist, guide you step by step in a private online consultation of one hour where she will reveal every secret to shine on your special day or to enhance your features with minimal effort every day.

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 Elia Orecchini, partner of the Lebubè Loyalty Program, uses colored drapes on a girl in a color analysis session.

6,000 points = €20 off

Seasonal Color Analysis
by Dr. Elia Orecchini

Would you like to discover the colors that best enhance your complexion? A personalized seasonal color analysis session with Dr. Elia Orecchini is just what you need. Using colored drapes, Dr. Orecchini, who holds a master's degree in Pharmacy and is certified in homeopathy, will identify the tones that minimize discolorations and imperfections and guide you in choosing makeup, clothing, and hair color.

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Lebubè Circle

Welcome to the Lebubè Circle! Your free entry into Lebubè's world, where your beauty adventure begins.

Lebubè Friends

Elevate to Lebubè Friends once you accumulate 10,000 points, enjoying 50% more points on future purchases.

Lebubè League

Step into the Lebubè League tier at 20,000 points, doubling your points on every purchase and accessing exclusive rewards.


What is Lebubè Loyalty?
Lebubè Loyalty is our way of saying a big 'thank you' to our customers. It's a free-to-join loyalty program where you can earn points for shopping and engaging with us, and then swap those points for cool discounts and exclusive offers. How great is that?

Who can join?

Anyone who is at least 18 years old and creates an account on our website is just in! If you aren’t registered yet, click here to get started.

Do I need to make a purchase to join the program?

Not at all! You can join the Lebubè Loyalty family just by creating an account. No need to open your wallet right away.

Where can I ask a question, report a problem or send feedback?
For any questions, issues or feedback regarding the Loyalty Program, please drop us a line through this form.

How do I leave the program?
We'd hate to see you go, but if you're set on leaving, just reach out through this form, and we'll help you out.

What happens if I leave and decide to join again?
Welcome back! Your points will remain preserved up to a validity period of one year due to inactivity. If you re-register using the same email, you will find your points exactly where you left them, ready and waiting, provided they have not expired. It will be as if you never left!

How do I earn points?
It's easy peasy! Shop with us, refer a friend, celebrate your birthday, and check out other fun activities we've got lined up above on this page.

Do subscription orders qualify for reward loyalty points?
Absolutely! Your subscription orders are point-worthy, just like any other purchase.

Do gift card orders qualify for reward loyalty points?
Yep, buying a gift card on gets you points too. Just note, the lucky person who spends the gift card won't earn points on that purchase.

Can I earn points for purchases made outside of
Our reward points are exclusive to purchases made right here on Shopping elsewhere won't add to your points balance, we’re afraid.

Can I earn points for purchases made before joining the program?
We love that you're shopping with us, but points start accumulating only after you create your account and join the rewards program. It's all about the timing!

How do I view my point balance?
Just log into your account, and you'll find your point balance waiting for you  in the "Rewards" section of your Member Account.

How do I redeem my points?
If you're eyeing some coupons for the Lebubè Shop, head over to the "Rewards" section of your Member Account. Looking for something extra special from our partners? Drop us a line through this form, and we'll hook you up with an exclusive reward from our partners.

What if I return something? Do I keep the points?
If you decide to return an item, the points you earned from that purchase will be removed from your account. Fair's fair!

Is there a limit to the number of points I can earn?
Sky's the limit! There's no cap on the number of points you can earn, though some activities might have their own limits.

I completed an activity. Why haven’t I earned points yet?
Hang tight! Some points might take a few days to show up in your account. However, if they don't show up after a reasonable period, please contact us through this form.

Can I use my points during checkout?
You sure can! Just convert your points into a promo code before you checkout, and use it to lower your total cost right there and then.

Can I transfer my points to another account?
Points are like hugs; they're meant for the person who earned them. So, no transfers, we’re afraid.

Will my points ever expire?

Yes, points aren't forever: they come with a 1-year validity, but only if you fall into a spell of inactivity, meaning you haven't earned or redeemed any points within that timeframe. So, as long as you stay active with us, there's no cause for concern!


How do Loyalty Program tiers work and is there a time frame for eligibility?

Lebubè Loyalty Program has three tiers based on your point balance, each with unique rewards and point-earning methods. Tiers reset annually, so you'll need to meet a yearly points target to stay in your tier or move to the one matching your points if you don't. It's all about keeping the engagement and rewards flowing!

How does the Refer-a-Friend Program work within Lebubè Loyalty?
It's all about sharing the love! Refer a friend to our site sharing your unique referral link that you'll find
here. Once they sign up for a Lebubè account using your link and make a purchase with the promotional code found in the "Rewards" section of their Account, you'll earn points in return. It's a win-win!

Can non-registered customers participate in the Refer-a-Friend Program?

Unfortunately, they'll need to register first. Only registered members are eligible to join in on the fun!


​Check out Lebubè Loyalty Program's Terms & Conditions here!

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