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Terms & Conditions

Lebubè Loyalty Program and Refer-a-friend Program

Last Updated: April 2024

1. Scope

1.1 These Terms and Conditions (hereafter referred to as "General Terms") govern the Loyalty Program and the Refer-a-friend Program available on the website, to which these programs are applicable. Specific provisions for the Refer-a-friend Program are outlined in section 6.


1.2 The owner of the Website, the Loyalty Program, and the Refer-a-friend Program is AllSkins S.r.l. ("the Company") (VAT No. 12653570965), legally headquartered in Italy, Milan, at Via Uberto Visconti di Modrone 7, 20122. AllSkins markets and sells tangible personal property on the website and its related subdomains ("Website" or “Site”).

2. Eligibility for the Loyalty Program and Acceptance of General Terms

2.1 To be eligible for membership in the Loyalty Program, a user must create an account on and be at least 18 years of age. Membership in the Program is strictly limited to individuals, with only one account allowed per person. Individuals under 18 years of age ("Minors") must obtain consent from their parents or legal guardians before participating.

2.2 By creating an account on, thereby becoming a "Registered User" or "Member," the user (or, in the case of a Minor, their parent or legal guardian) consents to be automatically enrolled in the Company’s Loyalty Program, agreeing to its terms and conditions. No purchase is required nor necessary to become a Registered User or to enrol in the Loyalty Program. To register for the Program, the user must provide their first name, last name, email address, and date of birth (optional). The Program is void where prohibited by law. Registered Users are entitled to only one Member Account.


2.3 Users who create an account on and enrol in the Loyalty Program, opting to receive marketing communications, expressly consent to automatically receive marketing communications from the Loyalty Program as well, which may include updates on their profile, promotional codes or coupons, and information on the status of their points.

2.4 The Loyalty Program and its associated points, promotional codes, benefits, and rewards are intended solely for personal use. Points earned by a Member are exclusive to them, are not transferable, and are not for sale, resale, or exchange, and can only be used in the ways described on the Loyalty Program page of the Website and in these terms and conditions. The Company is not responsible for the use of a Registered User's account or for the redemption of a Registered User's points in the event that the Registered User's account is stolen and the account is used or points redeemed before the Registered User notifies the Company that their account has been stolen through the "Information and Issues" form.

3. Membership Account and Personal Data Processing

3.1 As part of the registration process, and in cases where authentication is not done through Google or Facebook, the user must set a password to create a Member Account. The Registered User agrees to and is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their password and Account, and is fully and solely responsible for all activities that occur under their password or Member Account, including any security breaches, and for logging out at the end of each session. The Company will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from the Registered User's failure to comply with these terms and conditions, fully releasing the Company from any liability without exception. If the Registered User reports loss of access to their Member Account, the Company reserves the right to permanently delete the Member Account.


3.2 The personal data of the Registered User, with their consent, will be processed exclusively in accordance with the Company’s Privacy Policy.


3.3 Members are obligated to keep their Account information up-to-date by visiting the Website.

4. Points Accumulation and Redemption Methods

4.1 Upon becoming a member of the Loyalty Program, members accumulate points through the online purchase of products (either one-time purchases or subscriptions) on the Website, based on the conversion rate outlined on the Loyalty Program page and in the "Rewards" section of the Member Account area. Purchases made through other online websites or any physical retail locations are excluded from the Loyalty Program. Points calculation is based solely on the price of the purchased product and does not include payments made by the Registered User for shipping costs, donations, any additional fees such as cash on delivery commissions, and all taxes, including VAT. Points will not be earned on any discounts or other credits offered in connection with a product.


4.2 A Loyalty Program member can also accumulate points by performing certain actions, such as signing up to Lebubè newsletter or referring a friend. For a complete list of actions that result in points accumulation, refer to the Loyalty Program page of the Website. Points will be credited only once for each action.


4.3 The Loyalty Program is structured into three distinct tiers, each corresponding to specific point balances accumulated by the Registered User. The methods for accumulating points, as well as the determination and allocation of rewards, vary according to the User's tier within the Program, as more fully described in the Loyalty Program page of the Website. The tiers are subject to an annual validity period. In order to maintain their position within a specific tier, the Registered User is required to earn the necessary amount of points within each year to remain in that tier. Should the user fail to achieve this required number of points within the established validity period, they will be automatically moved to a lower tier that matches the number of points accumulated during that period.


4.4 Points related to the purchase of one or more products will not be credited to a Registered User's Account if the purchase was made without logging into the Account associated with the Loyalty Program. Such points will be immediately approved if logged in during purchase. If a Registered User returns their purchase within the 14-day return period, such points will be automatically removed.


4.5 Points are awarded to the Registered User who purchases a Gift Card, not to the person who uses and/or holds the Gift Card, according to the conversion rate outlined on the Loyalty Program page. Points cannot be used to purchase Gift Cards.


4.6 A Registered User who enters their birth date in the Lebubè account creation form will be credited with loyalty points on their birthday. It is prohibited to change previously entered birth dates.


4.7 In the "Rewards" section of the Member Account area, every Registered User can check their points balance and discover the benefits and rewards that can be redeemed internally (“internal” rewards) on the Website. Typically, internal rewards or rewards redeemable internally are promotional codes applicable to the purchase of tangible personal property sold and marketed by the Company. The Company also reserves the right to offer "external" rewards, which refer to products, services, experiences, or activities outside of and exceeding those proposed, sold, and regulated by the Company. Such external rewards will not be listed within the above-mentioned "Rewards" section, but will be available on the Loyalty Program page of the Company's website.


4.8 To redeem accumulated loyalty points for internal rewards, a Registered User must access the "Rewards" section of the Member Account area. In this section, a list of redeemable rewards will become available. A Registered User will be authorized to redeem only the rewards adjacent to the "Get coupon" button, which indicates the availability of rewards in relation to the current loyalty points balance of the Registered User. Activating the "Get coupon" button will allow the Registered User immediate access to the related promotional code. If the Registered User wishes to use the promotional code for a real-time purchase on the Website, they must select the "Copy code" option and subsequently apply the code at checkout; consequently, the code will be automatically applied at checkout, at which point the total order amount will be updated to reflect the value of the voucher. If the Registered User does not wish to use the promotional code immediately, they can review and manage their promotional codes in the "Rewards" section of the Member Account are, reserving the right to use them later at their discretion.


4.9 The Registered User has the ability to accumulate additional loyalty points to access promotional codes or rewards of greater value. The use of the promotional code at checkout results in the immediate and irrevocable deduction of loyalty points, without any exceptions.


4.10 If a Registered User wishes to redeem their loyalty points to enjoy any so-called "external" rewards (listed on the Loyalty Program page of the Website), they must contact customer service through the "Information and Issues" form.

4.11 The Company reserves the right and discretion to modify and update the rewards associated with the Loyalty Program at any time. The rewards will be periodically updated, therefore it is recommended to always refer to the Loyalty Program page for updated information.

4.12 The validity of the points accumulated by a Registered User is subject to expiration if the user remains inactive for a continuous period equal to or greater than 1 (one) calendar year, during which no additional points are acquired nor existing points redeemed. At the end of the said one-year period of inactivity, the points balance of the Registered User will be irrevocably reset to zero, resulting in the extinction of any rights pertaining to the points accumulated up to that point, without the possibility of recovery or compensation by the Registered User, who peacefully accepts and acknowledges this condition as their exclusive responsibility.

4.13 No credits will be given for unused points.

5. Right to Withdraw

5.1 Should a Registered User decide to close their Account associated with the Loyalty Program, they must contact customer support through the designated "Information and Issues" form. Once the Account is deleted, the user will retain all previously accumulated points until their expiration, as described in section 4. If the user creates a new Account using the same email, they will be able to see their point balance again, provided the points have not expired.


5.2 The Company reserves the right to close any Member Account of the Loyalty Program if it believes and/or suspects that the Registered User has violated the terms and conditions of the Loyalty Program by providing false and/or misleading information and/or has engaged in actions aimed at unjust benefit or profit.


5.3 The Company reserves the right and discretion to suspend or close the Loyalty Program at any time with or without notice at its discretion for any reason (including but not limited to instances of fraud, abuse, non-compliance with these conditions and/or other conditions and policies of the Company, and violation of laws).

6. Refer-a-friend Program

6.1 Registered Users enrolled in the Loyalty Program will have the opportunity to benefit from the Refer-a-friend Program. By joining the Refer-a-friend Program, the Company provides the Registered User with a personal, unique, and non-modifiable referral link (hereinafter "Referral Link") which the Member can share with others. This Referral Link is located in the "Refer-a-friend” page of the Website and in the "Rewards" section of the Member Account area.


6.2 Non-registered Customers on the Site are not eligible to participate in the Refer-a-Friend Program.

6.3 Once a Registered User shares the Referral Link, the recipient will be prompted via this link to register and create a Lebubè Account. After the Account is created, the recipient can redeem the unique and non-modifiable promotional code by accessing the "Rewards" section of the Member Account area. Using this code at checkout will allow the recipient to benefit from the applicable discount.


6.4 Registered User who shares their Referral Link with others will accumulate loyalty points only if the recipient of the Referral Link proceeds to purchase products on the Site, using the discount code mentioned in section 6.3. Merely sharing the Referral Link with others by the Registered User, as well as the creation of Lebubè Account by the recipient, in the absence of an actual purchase made on the Website, will not, under any circumstances, result in the crediting of loyalty points.


6.5 Accumulating loyalty points entitles the possessing Registered User to enjoy discounts on product prices and possibly other rewards, according to the methods and characteristics established by the Company, as published in section 4 of these terms and conditions.


6.6 The Company reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to suspend or remove from the Refer-a-friend Program any Registered User who makes use of the Referral Link, loyalty points, or promotional codes received following participation in such program in a manner contrary to applicable laws or the terms of this agreement.


6.7 The Company reserves the right and discretion to suspend or cancel the Refer-a-friend Program, without incurring any obligation towards the Company regarding alleged rights acquired by Registered Users.

7. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

7.1 These conditions and any and all contracts entered into with the Customer are governed by Italian law, notwithstanding the application of EU legislation and international treaties where applicable, as well as national consumer protection laws.


7.2 Any dispute relating to the interpretation, execution, validity, or effectiveness of these conditions and any contract entered into with the Buyers shall fall under the jurisdiction of the court of the place of residence or domicile of the consumer if located in Italy.


7.3 In the case of disputes arising from Customers and Buyers residing and/or domiciled abroad, Italian legislation will apply, and the exclusive jurisdiction will be that of the Court of Milan, where the Company is headquartered.

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