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Ciao, I Am Mirta

Ciao, lovely souls!

I'm Mirta, and I'm thrilled to share my story with you. Today, I stand as the founder of Lebubè, a vibrant community of beauty knowledge and beyond. But, like all journeys, mine had its ups and downs, leading me from the picturesque city of Crema to the bustling streets of London. Join me as I recount my personal battle with hormonal acne and how it ignited the spark to create something truly special.

Mirta Cerioli, founder on Lebubè, in a black and white portrait showing some acne scars from her hormonal acne.

From Classical Studies to Brand Design

Mirta as a child, with bucket and scoop, ready to make a sand castle at the sea.
Me as a tiny architect in the making, ready to conquer the sandy kingdom 🏰🏖️

My journey started in the city I was born in, Crema, nestled in the beauty of Northern Italy. Ever since my childhood, I've been captivated by the realm of art. During my primary school days, painting became my cherished activity. After school, I would head to my grandparents' house, where my older sister and I spent our afternoons. While she indulged in watching cartoons, I would immerse myself in painting and drawing. To me, delving into my imagination and unleashing my creativity held far greater fascination than watching TV.

During my high-school years, I decided to pursue the study of classics and literature. Immersing myself in the profound wisdom of ancient texts, I discovered a wellspring of inspiration within the mesmerizing tales they conveyed. As I delved deeper into these timeless narratives, I found that they not only enriched my understanding of history and culture but also sparked an innate curiosity within me.

Studying Greek and Latin myths, I learned to appreciate the intricacies of human nature, the complexities of societies long past, and the timeless truths that transcend generations. I began to draw connections between the stories of old and the contemporary world, realizing that creativity is not confined to any specific era but rather a timeless essence that fuels human expression. This opened my mind to diverse perspectives and innovative ideas. Only then I realized that the true beauty of our world lies in its rich tapestry of diversity, a mosaic of cultures, humans, thoughts, and creations coming together in harmony.

Mirta, the founder of Lebubè, during her graduation ceremony at NABA, Milan.
🎓 Congrats on officially adulting! 🎓

Fuelled by an insatiable curiosity and a love for creative expression, I followed my passion to NABA, a prestigious design academy in Milan. There, I immersed myself in the world of Graphic Design and Art Direction, embracing every opportunity to explore and refine my craft. Within the hallowed halls of NABA, I found myself surrounded by a vibrant tapestry of colors, typography, grids, and shapes that seemed to come alive, breathing energy and meaning into my ideas and visions. Throughout my studies, I then gravitated towards Brand Design specialization, drawn to the art of crafting visual identities that could resonate deeply with audiences.

A Bubble of Ignorance

Life appeared idyllic as I entered my twenties and pursued a Master in Publishing at the London College of Communication. Compliments on my seemingly flawless skin echoed around me. With just a simple cleansing and hydrating routine, I maintained my complexion effortlessly.

However, life had a surprise in store for me. To alleviate the excruciating pain during my menstrual cycle, my doctor prescribed hormonal birth control. Hopeful for relief, I embraced the solution eagerly. And that's when everything changed.

The Acne Dilemma

As I incorporated the birth control pill into my daily routine, the pain did subside, but an unexpected intruder appeared on the canvas of my face – acne. The perfect skin I once took for granted was now adorned with blemishes, leaving me shocked and searching for answers. Countless visits to dermatologists left me feeling frustrated, as they attributed the acne to my vegan diet and lifestyle – assumptions far from the truth.

In my heart, I knew that my diet and lifestyle were not the culprits. My vegan lifestyle was a conscious choice that aligned with my beliefs and values, and it had not caused any skin issues until I began using hormonal birth control. This realization drove me to seek more information and take matters into my own hands.

Unmasking the Truth: Endometriosis Diagnosis

Fed up with the cycle of trial and error, and after four different pills for period pain treatment, I decided to take matters into my own hands. Bracing myself, I stopped taking the pill, and as expected, my acne gradually subsided – while the period pain resurfaced. It was during this time of self-discovery and exploration that I encountered a clinic in London where doctors identified my symptoms as those of endometriosis. For the ones who don’t know, endometriosis is a condition where tissue similar to the lining of the uterus grows outside the uterus, causing painful symptoms and sometimes leading to fertility issues.

Mirta, founder of Lebubè, showing acne scars and pimples, suffering from endometriosis and hormonal imbalance

I felt a mix of emotions - happiness that I finally had a diagnosis, and validation for the pain I had been experiencing for years. However, on the other hand, I couldn't help but feel sad and upset that it took a decade to understand what I had been going through. This prolonged struggle with undiagnosed endometriosis had even caused the secondary issue of acne, adding to my distress.

Despite the mixed emotions, I was determined to delve deeper into understanding hormonal imbalances and their impact on overall well-being. I educated myself on the complexities of the endocrine system and the intricate dance of hormones within our bodies. I also did my research on endometriosis: a condition that impacts at least one in every 10 women but it is extremely hard to diagnose because it affects multiple parts of the body. I discovered that endometriosis can take anywhere between 4 and 11 years to be diagnosed correctly (I was in the upper end range), and that as many as 60% cases of endometriosis may remain undiagnosed (Medical News Today). Armed with knowledge, I could take steps towards healing – and I felt a growing desire to create something meaningful too, a platform where individuals like me could find solace, support, and knowledge about their bodies.

The Birth of Lebubè

As I navigated through the waves of uncertainty, I found solace in makeup, using it to conceal my insecurities. But deep down, I longed to make a difference, to create a platform where stories like mine could be heard, understood, and embraced.

Thus, Lebubè was born – a community built on compassion, love, and creativity, empowering individuals to understand and treat their bodies with care.

Lebubè, which translates to "[Someone /something] is really really good" from the dialect of my city, Crema, embodies the belief that embracing imperfections and individuality is the foundation of true beauty.

The platform encompasses beauty knowledge and beyond, offering a safe space for open discussions about make-up, skincare, beauty tips, and self-care practices.

And it doesn't end there. We intend to develop Lebubè as a makeup brand with a unique focus – creating skincare-inspired makeup that is suitable for those who, like me, want to take care of their skin while being creative and confident. Our vision is to offer a range of makeup products that not only enhance your natural beauty but also nourish and respect your skin. With carefully selected ingredients and innovative formulations, our makeup will be a testament to the harmony between beauty and skincare. We want Lebubè to be a brand that encourages you to express yourself fearlessly through makeup while prioritizing self-care and self-love.

Embracing Individuality

In a world of 8 billion unique souls, each one of us deserves to understand our bodies and embrace our individuality. Lebubè is more than just a beauty community; it's a sanctuary where knowledge is shared, and individuals find the confidence to be themselves. My own journey has taught me that embracing imperfections doesn't make us weak; it makes us resilient and authentic.

Through Lebubè, I hope to inspire people to break free from societal norms and beauty standards, understanding that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to beauty. Our bodies are complex, and embracing our uniqueness is a powerful act of self-love.

Welcome to the Community

My story is one of growth, resilience, and determination. From battling hormonal acne to founding Lebubè, my journey exemplifies the power of turning challenges into opportunities. I hope my story inspires you to embrace your own journey, to love yourself, and to spread compassion and creativity wherever life takes you.

Remember, dear reader, you are unique, and you have the right to understand and care for your body with love and kindness. Together, let's create a world where imperfections are cherished and individuality is celebrated. Embrace the journey, embrace yourself, and remember, it's good to be YOU.

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